Early Completion Option


ECO candidates must complete all 10 Pre-Service admissions requirements

  1. Admissions Application

  2. Official Transcripts with Bachelor's Degree Posted

  3. Passing Score Sheet for the California Basic Education Skills Test (CBEST)

  4. One Page Resume

  5. One Page Personal Statement

  6. Three Professional Recommendations

  7. Appropriate Application Fee

  8. Proof of Passing a Collegiate-Level Course or Examination in the US Constitution

  9. Certificate of Clearance issued by the California Commissions on Teacher Credentialing with No Convictions

  10. Successful Interview with FSE Admissions Panel

Additional Criteria For Admissions

  • Demonstrate subject matter competency

      • Pass the California Subject Examinations for Teachers (CSET)    or

      • Obtain Subject Matter Equivalency Letter from an approved college or university

  • Pass the appropriate ECO Exam:

  • Pass interview with FSE Admissions Panel, which includes teaching a Demonstration Lesson


      • REGISTER

        • The new and improved CalTPA operates much like other Pearson tests:

        • You will register for the cycle online, just as you did with CBEST and CSET.

        • You will build your portfolio: text, examples, videos, annotations, etc. all on the Pearson online portfolio.

        • When registering, be sure to select FORTUNE SCHOOL OF EDUCATION as your Educator Preparation Program.

        • Complete your REGISTRATION HERE.

  • SUBMISSION DEADLINE: Your may submit at any point after registration and building of your online portfolio; however, your FINAL SUBMISSION is due no later than April 15.

  • SUBMISSION EVIDENCE: As proof of submission, you will include a screenshot of your submission confirmation with your ECO Application Packet.

  • SCORE REPORTING: After assessment, your scores will be reported back to Fortune School of Education.

Secure full-time teaching contract with a participating school district, teaching at least 60% in subject area

Tuition and Fees 

Application Fee: $75 (Final Deadline for ECO)
– PLUS TPA Instructional Cycle 1 Fee: $150
ECO Tuition: $6,990.00 for one year

  • $873.75 per month for 8 months

  • First installment is out of pocket


Application Resources