Student Accessibility

If you need reasonable accommodations to support your learning, please submit a written request to the Higher Education Committee (HEC) for review. Students must have a documented disability, as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Verifiable documentation must be provided by a medical doctor or appropriately licensed professional. Please note that obtaining an evaluation does not guarantee you will qualify for accommodations under the ADA or California law. HEC will review your request and determine reasonable accommodations for qualifying disabilities and/or circumstances.


How to Request Accommodations


To formally request accommodations, students should send an email to [email protected]. Following this initial request, the student will receive a form via email. This form must be filled out and submitted with the necessary supporting documentation. 


After receiving the completed form and documentation, staff will review the materials thoroughly. Once this internal review is complete, the request and supporting documentation will be presented to the HEC for final approval.


HEC’s determination will be communicated to the student via a formal letter sent by email. This letter will include any necessary next steps for the student to get their accommodations. 


Note: Accommodations can only be requested after a student has been admitted into the program.