Academic Programs

At Fortune School of Education, you can earn a California Teaching Credential or an Administrative Services Credential to become a public school principal. As a fully accredited teacher preparation program, governed by The California Commission on Teacher Credentialing, Fortune School of Education is authorized to provide these programs.


170-hour, rigorous "boot camp" for prospective teachers, designed to ensure they are fully prepared for the classroom. Successful completion of Pre-Service is also a prerequisite for admission to Fortune School of Education's Teacher Credential Program. 
Follow the link to learn more about Pre-Service.


Fortune School of Education, in collaboration with its consortium schools and districts, credential strong teacher leaders through a District Intern Program which results in a Preliminary California Teaching Credential. The schools/districts employ teacher candidates, provide them a salary and benefits. Fortune School of Education handles all of the District Intern Credentials. The District Interns then participate in one or two-year credential programs:


The program is focused on producing charter school leaders who will develop and lead high-quality charter schools in high need areas. This one-year, intensive leadership program is open to charter school educators who want to earn a Preliminary Administrative Services Credential.
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